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FIC: Meet, Dean/Castiel, R

Title: Meet
Author: CloudyJenn
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Dean/Castiel
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,200+
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. I am making no profit from this fanfiction.
Warnings: some language
Summary: Dean's on shore leave when he meets Castiel Novak for the first time.
Author's Notes: This is a prequel to Return.

"Castiel! Dude, look at this!"

Sam Winchester was usually a fairly quiet roommate, but when he became excited, Castiel could hear his big voice booming all over the their small house. No matter the source, Castiel was pleased to hear the happiness in Sam's voice. He'd been having a series of unfortunate romantic entanglements of late and needed some cheering up.

"Oh my god, there you are," Sam said as he burst into Castiel's bedroom. Castiel set aside his data slate and turned in his chair to give Sam his full attention.

"What is it?"

"This!" Sam exclaimed, waving an infostick in Castiel's face. "It's back-dated exactly seven days and it says Dean's coming home in nine days. He'll be here Tuesday!"

Oh that was good news. Castiel had never met Sam's brother, but he knew a great deal about him from the vast amount of time Sam spent talking about him. Dean was a member of the Earth force military. A pilot to be exact and he'd been stationed along the Capricorn front for the past two years. In all that time, Sam hadn't seen Dean, not even in a vid. Whatever he did was clearly more secret than simple patrolling. According to Sam, before Dean's new promotion, they spent several hours a week chatting on livetalk and before then, had shared a very close childhood. Castiel only knew Dean as a handsome face in a photograph, but to Sam, he was brother, parent and best friend.

"That's wonderful news. Does it say how long he'll be here?"

"Two entire weeks," Sam said excitedly, looking far more the young college sophomore than he usually allowed. Castiel's lips curved into a slight smile. Sam could be too serious for anyone's good. Not that Castiel couldn't be accused of the same, but he didn't repress the large amount of emotionalism that Sam did. "Holy shit, we're going to have buy more food. And beer. Lots of beer. And we should throw a party! Not that we know a ton of people, but they'll want to see Dean."

Castiel watched as Sam worked himself up into a frenzy of joyful planning and hoped this Dean Winchester knew how much he meant to his younger brother.


Dean trudged up the front steps of the house he hadn't seen in...god, what was it? Two years now? He couldn't believe how much time had flown by since he'd been recruited into the Greenwings. When he first heard that a required part of working in the undercover group was not seeing his family or friends even in vids for months at a time, he'd refused on the spot. Only a very long talk with Major Henrickson about the importance of protecting Earth and by extension his family, had convinced Dean to join. That and a whole fuckload of vodka.

That being said, Dean never expected the time to pass so quickly. Operating within the confines of his agency, putting all his focus on the mission, only seeing the same ten people every single freaking made Dean feel like he'd been living in a weird bubble where time was actually meaningless. Coming to the end of a huge operation and earning himself a few weeks of leave had been a shock.

But one Dean welcomed. He hadn't seen his stupid kid brother in way too long. Since right before Sammy started college, in fact. Dean knew from the massive pile of letters Sam sent that he loved college. Of course. He was majoring in history, worked at the school's library and couldn't keep a woman to save his life. Dean grinned to himself as he shifted his bag from one shoulder to the other. Poor Sam had about as much luck with women as Dean did with men. Both had plenty of interest and absolutely no ability to keep the same person for more than a week. The difference being, of course, that Dean didn't want to keep any of the guys he fucked around with.

Speaking of fucking, given that Dean would rather slice his eyeballs than screw any of his fellow Greenwings, it'd been way too long since he got laid.

God, being on leave was going to be so awesome. Especially since Dean had escaped earlier than originally planned and was currently half a day ahead of schedule. Sam going to be so epically pissed. Dean couldn't wait.

He didn't bother with knocking. They'd been sharing the house when Dean left and he still had the passcode. He keyed it into the pad and opened the door, hoping to catch the delicious scent of homecooked food wafting down the front hall. Unfortunately, no food smell. His punishment for coming in early. Sam probably went out with that weird little roommate of his. On the other hand, there was an odd spicy scent lingering on the air that intrigued Dean. He followed it along the hall, listening carefully for any signs of life. Sam was way too loud to keep from immediately alerting Dean of his location and after a few more moments of quiet, Dean decided his brother wasn't home.

Well damn.

He'd pulled his phone out when the first hint of sound reached his ears. Soft humming. Deep masculine humming. Dean paused to listen, weirdly mesmerized by the sound. Soon enough, another noise accompanied it. Paper crinkling? His curiosity shifted Dean into gear and he peeked around the edge of the kitchen door into the living room.

The only person it could be was Castiel Novak. Sam talked about the guy all the time in his letters and his descriptions had given Dean the image of a dorky awkward loner. Oh sure, he'd been grateful as fuck that Sam found someone to live with after Dean had to ship out and judging from the letters, this Castiel was a neat generous person who was easy to live alongside.

But yeah, the letters didn't say Castiel was hot as hell.

Not that Sam would have noticed, but fuck, this was like...dangerous hot. Even without being able to see his face clearly, Dean already had a list of things he would do to this guy. A list he would then repeat. Castiel's slender frame was wrapped up in a button-down navy shirt and a pair of tan slacks that displayed an actually perfect ass. Dean hadn't known that existed until this moment. His eyes fixated on Castiel's backside for so long he didn't even realize that the guy was standing on a short stepstool and reaching up to try and...oh wow, he was putting up a "Welcome Home, Dean!" sign.

That was just...oh god, it was adorable.

"Hey," Dean said. He thought quietly, but Castiel reacted as though Dean had screamed it in his ear.

"Oh!" Castiel yelped and Dean's heart leapt into his throat when he saw Castiel lose his footing on the stool. Without any thought and with speed Dean didn't even realize he possessed, he sprang across the room in just enough time to catch Castiel from behind. The guy sank into his embrace, his back pressed closely to Dean's front and...oh yes. The spicy scent from the front hall filled his nose and imprinted itself on Dean's mind. Castiel's scent. Dean's new favorite smell.

"Are you okay?" he asked, his lips against Castiel's ear. He felt Castiel's body stiffen and relax so beautifully Dean could hardly stand it.

"Yes," Castiel said, that rough gorgeous voice breathy. "I think so." He shifted just enough in Dean's arms to look over his shoulder. "Dean?"

Castiel's eyes were blue.

So very blue.

"Yeah," Dean muttered absently.

So this was what love at first sight felt like.

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I FLAIL IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION. Please can we have more of this? From between this and 'Return' and beyond? Please? It's just too awesome!

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I think so! I've been working nonstop on another story, but when I finish, I want to pick up where this fic left off. :D

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I remember this too! God so much love for this 'verse. And for you, :D <3!

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Thank you! *gathers love*

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I'd love you forever if you continued with this verse.. I really love it! :D

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I totally will! I'm thinking the next one will just pick up from where this one left off.

Thank you!

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This was really cute and I really wouldn't mind more of this.

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Thank you! :DDDD

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I remember this one! I think I just swooned. Again. Oh, my heart.

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Aw, a swoon! Also, your icon, heeee.



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OMG! LEASE tell me you have the next million parts written?? (makes big puppy eyes)

I am loving this and it's barely begun!!!! OOH!!!


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Well, not yet written, but in the planning stages. I'm totally writing more :D

I'm glad you like it! Thank you!
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Aww, that's a lovely start to the 'verse!

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Thank you so much!

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Oh! This was so adorable. "So this was what love at first sight felt like" <3 Perfect. :D

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Oh I'm so glad you think so! Thank you!

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SQUEE!! Please can we have some more.

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Sure! :D I'm planning more soon. Thank you!

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that was perfect!
love love loving this verse

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Thank you so much!

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I am making my usual dolphin noises. I am so thrilled you wrote more in this verse!

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Lol oh the dolphin noises, how I love them. :D

Thank you!

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I cannot even contain the flail I am feeling over this. It's just so damn sweet and romantic! I love this little verse, it's so perfect.

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*beams* I'm so glad! Thank you, bb!

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More please....

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Hopefully more soon!

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So short.....T___T but still, totally lovely~
I'm gonna stalk your lj nowXD

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Hee, feel free to stalk! Thank you!

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AWWWWWWWWWWW! That...just...that's the sweetest thing I've heard/seen all day.

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Thank you so much! :DDD

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Image (
Love the backstory!!! Love at first sight indeed

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Heeee, that gif! *loves it*

Thank you!

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Making strange dolphin-like noises and smacking my hands together like a seal. MOREEEE

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Ahaha, so glad to reduce you to various animal actions. Thank you!

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Eeep my heart. I love this

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*beams* Thank you!

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This is an awesome prequel!!! brb, going to read Return now...

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Thank you, bb! I hope you enjoy the next bit! :D

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That was just as fantastic as the first story you posted! Love this 'Verse!

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Aw, thank you! *smish*
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SQUEE! I love this verse.

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Yaye, thank you!
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Ooh, a soul! :D

Thank you!

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marry me please *whimpers*

I'm not a creeper, really!!! *FLAILS*

I second aforementioned motions for more <3

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LOL, oh a marriage proposal, how sweet ;D

So glad you liked it, bb!

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I love this wonderful verse! Are there any other fics besides this one and Return?

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Not yet, but more are planned. Thank you!

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OH. *flails*

So adorable. *swoons*

Is there more of this? Ah!!!
There needs to be. :P

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I haven't written the next part yet, but I will soon enough, I hope! Thank you!

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