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FIC: An Important Talk, Dean/Castiel, PG-13

Title: An Important Talk
Author: CloudyJenn
Fandom: SPN
Pairings: Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1000+
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. I am making no profit from this fanfiction.
Warnings: None
Summary: Dean doesn't get the big deal about sleeping over.
Author's Notes: Part of the Ethan!Verse. Some people, including my own dear sister, requested another story in this world, so I wrote this wee ficlet. Enjoy!

"Do we really have to do this?"

"Yes, Dean," Castiel says sternly. "It's important that Ethan understands each step of our relationship."

"I'm not saying I should just show up with a suitcase, but do we have to be all formal? It's weird. You're going to make him feel weird about it," Dean complains.

"The only person who feels weird about this is you," Castiel retorts.

"I just never had to go through so much trouble to spend the night with someone. Congress is more efficient than this."


The sound of a rattling doorknob breaks into their conversation and as one, they turn to face the front door, both plastering welcoming smiles on their faces. Side by side on the couch, Castiel's arm along the top of the couch behind Dean's head, they present a united front. And apparently a terrifying image because the look on Sam's face when he gets the door fully open is hilariously disturbed. Dean doesn't blame him. They probably look like the Stepford Gays.

"Uh, hey guys," Sam says. "What's going on?"


Ethan barrrels into the living room from behind Sam, holding up a painting. "Look..." He stops short and frowns at them. "What's going on?"

"We'd like to talk to you," Castiel says pleasantly.

"You're not in trouble," Dean adds because he knows how kids think. Ethan sags with relief.

"No, of course not. Sam, thank you for collecting Ethan from school," Castiel says, nodding to Sam.

A clear dismissal. Thank God. This is bad enough without Sam seeing the whole awkward mess. He already gets enough joy from making fun of the excruciating pace Castiel set for their relationship. Dean thought for sure he'd get to the really good parts with Castiel right away. But no. Castiel quickly decided he needed to be cautious. Because he could fall in love with Dean and blah blah, it's sweet or whatever, but Dean never suffered such a terrible case of blue balls in his life. They didn't get past making out for nearly three months and not past oral sex for six. It's only been the last three weeks that they've actually been fucking. Which was totally worth the wait, but whatever. Dean maintains he knew they'd still be together regardless of when they started screwing.

And now they're moving up to spending the night. Actually sleeping together and not just having sex in Dean's house on dates which always end before Ethan goes to bed.

Hence the committee meeting.

"You're welcome. I'll just...let you do whatever this is. See you, Ethan."

"Bye, Sam," Ethan says, reaching up to hug Sam around the waist.

After he's gone, Ethan turns suspicious eyes on Castiel and crosses his arms over his chest.

"What's this about, Daddy?"

Dean bites the inside of his mouth. When Ethan takes that serious no-nonsense tone so similar to Castiel's, Dean can barely keep from cracking up. The kid's like a more devious copy of his father.

"I wanted to talk to you about a new development in my relationship with Dean."

Ethan's eyes brighten. "Are you getting married?"

"You'd think," Dean says unhelpfully. Castiel glares at him. He's probably not getting laid tonight now. Although after this complete romance killer, Dean probably won't care.

"No, but I invited Dean to stay the night here with me. I wanted to make sure you were comfortable with that," Castiel says.

It's only chance that Dean's eyes flick down to Castiel's hands when he clasps them together. Not unusual. Castiel always folds his hands in his lap when he's talking about serious matters. But they don't always tremble. Dean catches a short and very unusual waver right before Castiel's hands settle. He looks up at Castiel's eyes. Intense as usual, but with an emotion Dean doesn't very often see there.


"Because if you aren't, it's okay for us to wait," Castiel says.

Suddenly, Dean gets it. Really understands. This dumb meeting isn't only about finding out if Dean staying over would worry Ethan. It's about Castiel asking his child to let Dean into their lives. Just how fucking monumental this moment really is smacks Dean hard in the face. Because if Ethan says no, it won't only stall their relationship; it might make Castiel seriously reconsider if he even wants Dean.

Nervous tension tightens every muscle in Dean's body. Holy crap, this could be really bad. He knows Ethan likes him, but there's a difference between liking someone and knowing you'll see them in your dad's bed if you get up from a bad dream in the middle of the night.

"Daddy," Ethan says in a reasonable tone. "If you want to have sex, I don't mind."

Dean's tension abruptly releases into a massive and probably inappropriate laughing fit. Castiel looks horrified, of course.

"Ethan, that's not exactly what I meant," Castiel says. "Dean, hush."

"Well, I think you should sleep together with Dean too," Ethan says as Dean struggles to regain control of himself. "Since you love him anyway."

The humor drains right out of Dean. They haven't gotten around to expressing that particular sentiment to each other. Dean glances to the side and when he catches the soft warmth in Castiel's gorgeous blue eyes, his heart squeezes painfully in his chest. He tears his gaze away, very aware of the flush painting his cheeks a dark red.

Maybe he'll get laid tonight after all.

"Alright then," Castiel says to Ethan. "Thank you."

"Yeah, you know. Thanks," Dean says, voice gruff.

"Is that all?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Good, I'm hungry! And look at this painting I made," Ethan says as he tugs Castiel off the couch. Dean stares at his hands for a moment, trying to process what just happened. But not for long because Ethan stops at the kitchen door and frowns at Dean.

"Aren't you coming too, Dean?"

Dean grins.

"Yeah, I guess I am."

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Cute! Kids are so direct lol

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Right? I've chosen to portray it as adorable, lol. Thanks for reading!

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You said it!
This was really cute :)

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god this kid continues to kill me he's so great.

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Hee, thanks! I really have grown fond of him. :D

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LOL! Ah! That's kids for you.

Adults just make things way too complicated.

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Omg, we really do. Bad adults, bad!

:D Thanks!

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That kid is just too freaking cute :D

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Thank you!

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You write good kid. This is so entertaining.

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Hee, thanks!

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OMG This 'verse is so wonderful! I think Ethan has now a special spot on my heart!

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Aww, yaye! That makes me all warm and fuzzy. *smish*


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Awww! I so love this little 'verse!

Cas' anxiety is adorable and I love how it makes Dean realise the seriousness of the situation. And Ethan's abruptness <3 I love that little kid!

Fabulous :D

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Ethan is...well, his father's son, heh. I'm pleased you like him! Thank you!

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"Daddy," Ethan says in a reasonable tone. "If you want to have sex, I don't mind."

Not only did Dean crack up, I did, too! *Wipes away a tear* Ethan is just so adorable. I love him. If you want to do a full on, longer 'verse with him, I definitely wouldn't be opposed. ;D

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I was conjuring up the next Ethan tale in my head the other day. Definitely not through with him. :DDD

Thank you!

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I have fallen in love with Ethan.

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Aw, yaye!

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This little verse kills me with the absolute adorable. Love it so much!

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*glee* Thank you!

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*happy sigh*

Ethan is made of win. I just love him so much! And nervous Cas was cute as hell. :)

Loved this!

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Poor Cas! His kid knows him so well though, heh.

Thank you!

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So sweet! :D

I love how vivid each distinct personality is in this verse. Each one unique and lovable.

Thank you! <333
Hope you write more.

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I think I will definitely write more in this little world. I'm just too crazy about Ethan. :D

Thank you!

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*claps gleefully* this is wonderful.

"Daddy," Ethan says in a reasonable tone. "If you want to have sex, I don't mind."

LOL FOREVER. Ethan, by far my favourite kid in a fic ever ♥

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Aww, yaye! That's awesome; thank you!

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Love how Ethan is so blunt. ♥

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Heee, thank you!

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I have a lot of experience with kids, and you manage to nail Ethan's bluntness spot-on. They say what they think and nothing else. Love your kind of writing!

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I am so in love with Ethan XD
"And look at this painting I made"
for some reason that line totally got to me as well.

Diagnosis = Adorable!

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*emotions* YOU! You should be writing the script for the show!

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You simply have to write more in this verse, I adore this. It's perfect.

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lmao. omg that was adorable XD

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Yeah, Ethan for the win! :)

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I cannot get over how much I freaking love this. I just want to flail and read more until I explode. Hahaha.

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Yeah, I can kind of see Castiel's child being that blunt. Brilliant. :)

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What are the other fics in this verse?? I can't seem to find em, but I would love to read more - Dadstiel is just too cute!

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Now i see Ethan as more emotionally matured version of Franklin from My wife and kids with the same frown and crossed arms. I'm imagining how he is doing in school, is interacting with kids pain in ass for him, how he is going change with age. I think he require his own "airing time". I love this kid.

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D'aaaaawwwww. I am melted. <3