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FIC: A Common Bond, Dean/Castiel, Sam/OFC

Title: A Common Bond
Author: CloudyJenn
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Sam/OFC
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,405
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. I am making no profit from this fanfiction.
Warnings: None
Summary: There's some uncertainty in this new living arrangement.
Author's Notes: A sequel to The First Year. I was just going to twitlonger this, but then it was being mean and I realized I'm allowed to post fics to my own journal. Right? RIGHT?!


When Castiel wandered back down through the home Dean had created for them, it was hours after his return from Heaven. Already he'd felt the pressing call of several of his brothers and while Castiel would eventually answer the summons, for now the basic feeling lashed up to Heaven from his Grace was, "Fuck off."

Which felt very nice. This last year spent stabilizing the Heavens only served to educate Castiel on exactly how much he hated angelic administration. Castiel felt he was better suited to serve than to lead, although he appreciated his Father was in a tough spot when it came to finding loyal angels. Still, in the time since he began organizing that Host, Castiel had found a selected few he trusted to become a new kind of governing council. The time of the single powerful leader must come to an end, if the Host were to survive.

But that part of Castiel's existence was behind him and his new life lay stretched out and sleeping on a bed a story above him. Sex had proven as delightful and overwhelming as Castiel suspected, but his Grace didn't allow for the exhaustion that overtook Dean's body. So he was left to explore his new home and replace the mental images he'd drawn when his assistant informed him of Dean's project. The very idea of this simple building, a construct of wood and metal infused with Dean's love had been a tremendous source of strength for Castiel when he thought he might go mad from dealing with petty and dangerous angels.

It was more beautiful than Castiel's imagination could create. But to be fair, Castiel had not had an imagination until he met Dean. Or rather, he had not indulged it. Now, as he trailed his fingertips over a gleaming wooden desk in their living room, Castiel didn't regret the lack. It made seeing the home properly for the first time that much more enthralling. Though Castiel could sense age in the furniture pieces Dean had chosen, each one had been carefully restored to its original condition. They didn't match, except that Castiel could easily see why each had appealed to Dean in some way. The low thick couches were chosen for comfort, the large bookshelf for his assumption that Castiel must be a voracious reader, the squat television stand because it reminded him of childhood, the massive liquor cabinet for obvious reasons. The wall decorations were sparse, but filling in, Castiel suspected, due to the presence of Sam's partner. He couldn't imagine Dean or Sam choosing the triptych of sunflower portraits, though he knew their affection for Jayna kept them silent on the subject.

Castiel thought the paintings were very lovely.

As was Jayna herself, he decided, when his journey took him from the living room into the kitchen where she sat, huddled over a cooling cup of tea. Her dark hair and eyes made an appealing contrast to pale skin and her form was softly feminine in a way Castiel could appreciate if not crave. When he appeared, she jumped in place, knocking the cup aside with a great clattering.

"Shit!" She leapt to her feet and dove for a towel to scrub at the small pool of tea spreading across the table. "You scared me!" Seconds after her heated accusation, she froze, embarrassment flushing her skin a deep red. "Oh my god, I'm sorry. I mean, fuck, I didn't mean to say oh my god! I's a habit..."

This was new. Even Sam, who had idolized angels, never felt this uncomfortable being himself in Castiel's presence. And Dean would never apologize for blaspheming. He certainly hadn't apologized for the many curses he uttered while they were having sex earlier.

"Don't be uneasy," Castiel said in a calm commanding tone.

That apparently terrified her because she began twisting the towel in both hands and nodding frantically, as though to reassure Castiel she was obeying the order while at the same time blatantly ignoring it.

"Right, of course. Sorry," she said as she stumbled back to retake her seat. "I'm know, I knew about angels obviously, but it's different seeing one. Not that you look like an angel. I mean, not that you don't! But you look like a guy too. I thought you'd have wings."

"My wings are cloaked," Castiel said pleasantly. In fact, his entire form was cloaked in this body he'd kept for familiarity's sake. The original body had been returned to its owner. A perk of Castiel's new powers. He wondered if Dean would request other forms if he were to know the truth. Judging by the enthusiasm he'd displayed for Castiel's body that evening, Castiel thought maybe Dean would be fine with his decision to stay in that form for the majority of his human experience.

"Right, I guess that makes sense."

Jayna stared at her cup, one finger tapping the side as silence filled the space between them. Castiel waited. A long silence never bothered him, but he'd learned very quickly that humans detested it. Especially if in the company of strangers. He wondered if their thoughts pulsed too loudly or too quietly without the noise of chatter to distract them.

"Sam missed you," she suddenly said, dark brown eyes lifted from the cup to his face. "I think he pretended like it wasn't a big deal because Dean missed you in a different way. But he did."

"I missed him as well," Castiel confirmed and the information seemed to please her. "I was pleased when my assistant told me he'd become attached to you."

Her blush deepened. "They talked about me up there?"

"Only to say that you existed and that Sam was happy and well-sated." That last part was a lie. Well, perhaps it was true, but no one had told Castiel about it. He just thought it was time to practice the art of human humor. When Jayna's face contorted with mortification, Castiel decided he had missed the mark.


"I was only teasing."

For a moment, nothing happened. Then, with a suddenness that actually surprised him, Castiel had a wet tea-stained towel hitting him in the face.

"You jerkwad!" she squeaked, her fear of Castiel forgotten in the face of her embarrassment. That must be the reason why humans tried to humiliate each other. So they could forget to be shy. Castiel made note to ask Dean later how he could further antagonize Jayna.

He plucked the towel off his face. "Surely, you must be used to it by now."

"I thought you'd be different," she said, her eyebrows drawn together in a dark pouting line Castiel had seen on both Dean and Sam's face. He'd also seen the spark of amusement that now lurked in the corner of Jayna's dark red mouth. "Sam said you were so serious."

"Sam is not as good a judge of others as he thinks."

"Ain't that the truth." She paused and then added, "God love his soul."

"He does."

"You know, when people say things like that, you know they're just speaking from faith, but you know. Like, you met God. I don't am I supposed to live with you?" she asked, her tone filled with wonder and a little hint of her previous discomfort.

Castiel thought about her question for a long moment. Jayna was important to Sam who was important to Dean who was everything to Castiel. Keeping her happy in her own home mattered a great deal to him. "I am an Angel, yes and I haven't been directly in God's presence, but I have taken orders from Him. But..." The correct words hovered just out of reach. "Perhaps it would be best if you thought of it this way." There was a long enough pause that Jayna's eyebrows lifted.


"Being partnered to a Winchester is difficult work. We'll need to help each other," he finally said.

They stared at each other for a split second and then Jayna abruptly snorted with laughter.

"Oh my god, you're right. I mean..." Her nose wrinkled and she shook her head. "No, I stand by that statement. Oh my god, you're right."

Castiel stood and walked over to the stove. "We need new tea. And then you should tell me everything Dean has done since you've known him that he would not wish me to know."

"Oh awesome. I can do that."

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